Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor Slob without a Name

Any Breakfast at Tiffany's diehard worth her weight in chic sleeping masks can appreciate Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M., which deconstructs the 1961 film and its star.

Truth be told it is a fascinating read, but author Sam Wasson had me smitten in a section about Roman Holiday, pre-Tiffany's:
Movie stars were built, not born, and their parents were not their mothers and fathers, but the legions of writers, directors, costumers, and most of all, studio heads, who saw to it that their personae — their screen personalities fit the particular needs of their place and time. That was a good way to sell tickets.
Anyone who has seen Roman Holiday the ending, especially
knows that at the tender age of 24, Hepburn had already established an identity as a truly great actress. And she didn't even need an Aunt Julia to prove it.

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