Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Killers: "On Top" of Their Game

I am being followed by The Killers, and I am totally okay with that.

Day & Age provides the perfect soundtrack to my life. Yesterday I woke up to "This Is Your Life," zipped around the track to "Human," lifted weights (seriously, I have a mean right hook) to "Spaceman," cooked to "Neon Tiger," cleaned to "I Can't Stay" and fell asleep to the lullaby that is "A Dustland Fairytale."

Believe me when I say that I worship the mascara-wearing, flashy-jacket-wearing god that is Killers frontman Brandon Flowers. Ever the conundrum, he broods angst in a elegantly joyful way that is unbelievably charming. (Brandon, if you are out there ... "I take my twist with a shout")

As usual, the Las Vegas foursome got my friends and me through a particularly interesting finals/deadline week. I had "Under The Gun" on repeat, and say what you want about Sam's Town, but do not say anything bad about "Read My Mind." (Remember what I said about my hook punch?)

During this time, I would also belt out "Neon Tiger" and "The World We Live In" at a moment's notice. So, when I heard the always dynamic Flowers chant, "This is the world that we live in," while shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond recently, I nearly had a conniption.

I also recently told my friends that I could listen to one of the lyrics in "A Dustland Fairytale" over and over again. Always one to keep my word, I subsequently played "Some kind of slick chrome American prince" for about five minutes straight (regrets to Katie). I all but convulsed last Thursday when I heard Flowers coo the first few bars of "A Dustland Fairytale" in the background of a rowdy pizza place. Suffice it to say, cheese was not the only thing melting that night.

Yesterday I thought I died and went to heaven when my mom told me about The Killers' appearance on the "Late Show". My mom loves Flowers "He has such a nice voice. Too bad he's such a freak," she has said in the past and she and my dad describe our beloved band's performance (with full orchestra) as "outstanding."

My parents were not kidding.

Since Flowers was not wearing the mascara that classifies him as a "freak" in my mother's eyes, she has no cause for complaint. I think the only thing that could have made this even more spectacular a spectacle would be adding Flowers' signature feathers to the top of his jacket.

AP Photo/Stephen Chernin